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79014 Lviv, Chernecha Gora str.,1



Museum is open from 09.00 till 20.00

Exposion of the authentic interiors

can be seing from Wednesday – Sunday.

Monday-Tuesday buildings are closed.

Admission: Adult – 30 UAH Children – 20 UAH

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Information about the research work at the Museum

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural life is a research and cultural and educational institution. Research, preservation and use of monuments, household items, study of material and spiritual culture of the Ukrainian people is the purpose of the Museum.

The Museum occupies the second place in Ukraine in scale and significance after the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Since 1966, Museum has bought monuments of folk architecture and artifacts – objects of everyday life and art in all Western regions of Ukraine. Today the museum exhibit includes 107 objects of folk architecture, among them – six churches - the world's largest collection of monuments of sacral architecture. The repository of the Museum has almost 21 thousand household goods and works of art (including 122 unique printing books).

Museum continues work on the scientific substantiation, description and studding of the transported architecture monuments.

Over the last two years, seven scientific expeditions were conducted to find and survey monuments of folk architecture. Based on expedition materials were written scientific reports, scientific passports of the registered objects of folk architecture were processed. Museum bought 155 pieces of national everyday life (clothes, dishes, tools, etc.).

Scientific stuff report about their research on the meetings of the Scientific and Methodological Council every year. Over the last two years, they held 52 meetings, on 41 of which they defended their papers and essays.

Scientifics of Museum take part in scientific conferences and seminars that take place in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine (26 presentations during 2011-2012). Texts of presentations were published in scientific editions – conference materials.

During those years Museum employees created 17 catalogs of museum collections and exhibitions and 10 booklets. In 2011 they prepared and published photo album about Museum, wrote the scenario of movie-excursion about Museum, and in 2012 that movie had been made.

Currently Museum employees prepare for publication scientific journal “Scientific notes”, 3rg edition. On 17-19 of October in 2013, first international conference “Problems of preservation, restoration and promotion of cultural heritage in the context of open-air museums” was held.

Museum cooperates with UNESCO and Skansen Mayhauhen in Lillehammer (Norway) on the implementation of scientific and educational programs (organization of scientific seminars, exhibitions, providing scientific consultations and experience exchange).

During 2011-2012 and first semester of 2013 year Museum employees organized 56 exhibitions, two of which were conducted outside the Museum (Uzgorod, Lillehammer, Norway).

Museum is working on organization of festivals and celebrations. During this period 25 events were conducted (among them – 19 especially museum events). Very popular among visitors are workshops, which are attended by Museum employees and craftsmen.

Museum scientists are working towards the promotion of the best examples of national Ukrainian culture: give lectures in educational institutions, on the radio and television.

Museum is a training base for Lviv art institutions (Academy of Fine Arts, College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after I. Trush), Ivan Franko National University (departments of History, Geography and Philology), National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Lviv Forestry Engineering University and others. Museum founds are the base for writing of numerous magister and doctoral thesis and Museum employees will glad to help in their writing.


Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life i situated near by Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle) in beautiful park - Shevchenkivsy Gai on North -East part of the Lviv city. The museum have been created by the ethnographic principle in 1971. Main aim of the museum is conservation of the wooden folk architecture, everyday life artifacts, art artifacts from all ethnographic zones. Every zone consist different objects - buildings, practical and manufactory buildings from last three centuries. The museum is one of the biggest open-air museum in Europe nowadays. Every object consist special and authentic interiors and it gives full imagination of daily life, work and leisure of the Western Ukrainian village.

The museum consist 105 of folk architecture objects. Among them presented oldest church from Kruvka village (1749), other objects buildings from 1792, 1812, 1846, 1860, as well as wind mill, oil manufactory, pottery.

Very rich is museum collection. They consist almost 22 000 objects. There are collection of clothes, furniture, music instruments, ceramic, jewelry, icons, church accessories. Museum collection counted 120 very rare and unique old prints.

Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv became favorite place for Lviv citizens and guests of the city. Visitors can enjoy of museum collection and arts. Many tourist from different cities and countries visited the museum and amount of the visitor counted 150 thou per year.

Every weekend museum organize masterclasses and demonstration of traditional crafts, such as blacksmithing, traditional baking, pottery, doll making, wood carving, etc.